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Did you know that a fragrance can trigger various emotions within you? A particular scent has the power to remind you of someone or someplace just because that scent is associated with it. That’s exactly why a particular perfume would remind you of someone; in fact, a pleasant smell has a positive effect on your mind and helps elevate your mood. Thus, keeping a few good scented candles and diffusers handy is helpful; it will also help when guests are visiting. A fresh smelling room is always pleasant and inviting; walking into a beautifully fragrant home indicates that the house is loved and cared for.
When there is a peculiar smell to a room, you are immediately drawn to a memory. You do remember a distinctive smell of your grandmother’s home, right? Scents do have a way of playing with your mood; it can make you nostalgic or take you back in time in a second.
Candles do add an instant ambience to any room. It is a very common practice to use scented candles and fragrant sprays on a daily basis to relax and conjure up a dreamy atmosphere. The flicker of a flame and the aroma of candles help to add a touch of serenity, freshness and relaxation in homes. If you have a few unused scented candles, store them in your wardrobe, drawers, neglected corners, behind the curtains, etc. This way the scent that they emit will make the space aromatic.
Incense sticks
Incense sticks are one of the best ways to fill our homes with wonderful and fragrant scents as they release fragrance when burned. The sticks come in various scents and when burnt, release a soothing and pleasant aroma into the air, which makes the home smell good.
Diffusers and aromatic oils
Diffusers are a great way to add constant fragrance to our homes. They soak up the fragrance oil, disperse scents into the air and last until all the fragrance oil evaporates. They not only smell good but also contain therapeutic properties.
It is merely a bowl that is made up of a mixture of dried flowers, natural herbs, spices, essential oils, etc. You can place the potpourri in your living room and enjoy the sweet fragrance all around your house every time you enter.

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